Dacor Contemporary 30" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop 4 Burners DTG30M954F

Wield fire, serve wonder. Finished in an easy-to-clean, heat-resistant, diamond-like carbon coating, and powerfully equipped with a central dual-stack, sealed brass burner, and the control of precision simmer. Our Modernist Gas Cooktops are designed to stand out while seamlessly integrating into the countertop.

Auto Connected Hood

Activate and adjust the hood with Bluetooth and ConnectOn auto-responsive technology. Turns on the ventilation in conjunction with the cooktop, and increases the speed as necessary, with the use of a temperature sensor.

Dual-Valve SimmerSear Burners

4 Control burners with precision and versatility to quickly boil water or to maintain a gentle simmer with the all brass, dual valve burners construction

Fully Integrated Flush Install

Designed to be installed flush to the surrounding cabinetry, for a fully integrated look.

Gentle Simmer
Cooking elements are capable of maintaining low gentle simmer with 800 BTU of power.

Powerful Double Ring Burner
High performance burner is capable of 18500 BTU of power to sear the perfect steak or quickly boil water.

Continuous Grates

Black and Brass Burner Caps

Luxurious Finishes
Dacor exclusive finishes bring beauty and style to match any kitchen design or concept. Choose from two available finish options for a truly custom look: Stainless Steel or Graphite

Illumina Knobs
Warm, sophisticated and welcoming. The glowing knobs entice participation, inspire the imagination and accentuates the beauty of the product. Dishwasher safe.

SmartThings Integration
Seamlessly integrate with WiFi into the SmartThings connected platform, providing an exceptional foundation for an ever growing ecosystem of smart connectivity. Preheat, check the oven temperature, the cooking status and remaining time, all from your smartphone.

Automatically reignites burners if they are accidentally extinguished to ensure a perfect cooking experience.

Authentic Materials
Full brass burners with brass caps ensure increased durability and strength, and resists warping at high temperatures, for a more enduring and long-lasting range.

Bespoke Production
Dacor exclusive graphite stainless steel, and Diamond Like Carbon coating (DLC), for exceptional scratch, heat, and stain resistance. Our process is as tedious as those used in the luxury watch industry, with up to 24 hours of labor to effectively craft each component.

Burners: 50,500 Total BTUs
Left Front (BTU): 18,500 (Dual Burner)
Left Rear (BTU):  13,000 (Stack Burner)
Right Front (BTU):  9,500 Stack (Stack Burner)
Right Rear (BTU):  9,500 Stack (Stack Burner)

    Overall Dimensions:
    Width: 30″
    Height: 6″
    Depth: 21″

    Wok Ring
    Brass Burner Caps
    Black Burner Caps

      Dacor Contemporary 30" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop 4 Burners DTG30M954F

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