Russell Hobbs All-in-one Mini Kitchen Oven

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Are you pressed for space but enjoy cooking and baking? The Mini Kitchen from Russell Hobbs is a compact, space-saving appliance and is designed for roasting, baking, boiling, frying and grilling.

It has a huge 30 Liter internal capacity, yet you can easily sit the mini oven neatly on the kitchen work surface.

Easy Cleaning

The Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen is so easy to clean; you’ll save time on domestic chores and have more time to spend tasting your delicious creations.

Double Hotplate

To complete this versatile kitchen appliance, there’s a double hotplate incorporating two different sized hobs with individual variable temperature controls.

Fan Assisted Oven

The fan assisted oven gives an even distribution of heat, which helps to reduce the time and temperature required to cook food, saving on energy.

Thermostat Control

The Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen features an adjustable thermostat control ranging from 60-230 degree Celsius giving a wide choice of temperatures for all of your cooking needs.


For increased adaptability, the Russell Hobbs Mini Oven comes with an additional baking tray and grilling rack meaning you can conveniently cook several items at once.


The black metal finish means this product will fit discreetly into your home and the semi-transparent mirrored glass door means you can see how your cooking is coming along without having to open the oven door. Featuring a main oven light for easy visibility, this oven also has a power indicator light so that you can instantly see when the oven is on.

You don’t have to worry about calling in the electrician as the Russell Hobbs Classics Mini Kitchen simply plugs in, just like you would with a kettle or toaster. It’s also safer as you don’t have to worry about gas or open flames.

  • Multi-function electric compact cooker with hotplates for roasting, baking, grilling, frying & boiling
  • Thermostatic controls 60 -230 degrees C
  • Double hotplate
  • Fan assisted main oven
  • Oven : 1600w
  • Large hotplate : 1000w
  • Small hotplate : 750w
  • 30 litre capacity
  • Black metal finish
  • Semi transparent mirrored glass door
  • Includes baking tray & grilling rack with handle
  • Power on indicator light


Model: 22780

Capacity: 30L

Voltage: 220 volts 50Hz