Frigidaire Citrus Juicer

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juicer FD5161

Driven by a 30-watt motor, this powerful citrus juicer delivers an unlimited amount of juice directly into a container through an anti drip spout. It can be used for all your citrus juicing needs for anything from Lemon and Lime to Grapefruit. With minimal time and effort, the Frigidaire citrus press, extracts extremely beneficial citrus juice for you and your entire family. Easy to clean, the juicer is made of high quality plastic and comes with a clear plastic dust cover to protect the juicing cone.
* 30 watts power
* 1 Liter capacity
* Double Cones, automatic reverse action-rotates in both positions
* Transparent juice tank
* With cord storage at base
* 230-240 volt  50 Hz

Model: FD5161

Size/Power: 30 watts

Capacity: i Liter

Voltage: 220 volts 50Hz