Braun Stainless Steel Cordless Hot Water Kettle

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Braun Sommelier Kettle in Stainless Steel and Black

Inspired by connoisseurs, the Braun experts designed the Sommelier line so you can enjoy the finest tastes from the unique ingredients that you choose – just like a sommelier.

Boils water in 45 seconds flat

This high-performing water kettle boils water especially fast, simply and safely – and does it looking so good.

Designed with taste in mind

This kettle is designed to be a stylish attraction in your kitchen and help you prepare a tasty cup of tea, since tea unfolds all its aromas as you pour fresh boiling hot water on the leaves.

There are no calcium fragments, since the washable filter holds them all back perfectly.

Special safety features ensure that the kettle switches off automatically 4 ways: when the water boils, the lid is opened, the kettle is removed from the base, or if there is no water in the kettle any more.

The Sommelier kettle can be filled directly from the tap through the large spout, adding to overall convenience. It takes up to 1.7 liters of water. The integrated and removable filter holds back lime scales from being poured into your cup.

The Sommelier water kettle combines unique design with a rapid boiling system, which boils water for tea, instant coffee, etc. much faster than any other appliance: It takes less than a minute to boil the amount needed for a single cup of tea.

Both the on-off switch and the button for opening the lid are in easy reach. The covered stainless steel hotplate boils even the smallest amounts of water quickly and evenly.

The Sommelier Water Kettle has a 360° pivotal connection, so that the jug can be placed on the base from all sides, which makes it easy to use for right- and left-handers alike.

The smooth base with the covered hotplate are very easy and convenient to clean.

Water level indicator

Cord storage

220-240/ 50/60Hz

Model: WK600

Size/Power: 2200 watts

Capacity: 1.7 liter

Voltage: 220 volts