Oster Cord/Cordless Hair Trimmer

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oster 76998

This trimmer is powered by an NiMH battery to give you the freedom to go cordless, but also includes an optional power cord when you need to plug in. Its high-performance rotary motor is housed in a stylish, ergonomic body to provide maximum comfort and reduce hand and wrist fatigue. Detachable, titanium coated T-blade snaps on and off for easy change-outs. Includes five comb guides, blade guard, cleaning accessories.

Specially designed, stainless steel blades provide extra close hardness, and corrosion resistance.

* “Snap on, snap off” detachable blade system for flexibility.

* Fine cutting teeth provide precise edging and outlining around neck, ears, beard, or mustache.

* Strong, durable,& powerful

* Sure Fit Charging stand has gripper feet to hold it firmly in place.

* Back pocket storage holds extra blade.

* Long run time

* Red charging indicator light

* 10 ft. cord
oster 76998 kit

Blade guard –
T-shape blade (does not include narrow blade)
Lubricating oil
Cleaning brush

2 Comb attachments (1/4″ & 3/8″)

Model: 76998 Artisan Platinum Edition

Voltage: 220 volts 50Hz