Frigidaire 25 cu.ft. Chest Freezer




Frigidaire 25 cu.ft. Chest Freezer MFC25V7GW

Built-In Wall Condenser
Manual Defrost
Textured Steel Exterior
Baked Enamel Steel Interior
Flexible Safety Lid
Defrost Drain and Drain Pan
Adjustable Temperature Control
– Allows you to regulate the temperature of your freezer for a fully stocked or minimally stocked freezer.
Commercial Rating
– These freezers are manufactured with additional heavy-duty components to meet the tough Underwriters Laboratories Standard 471, making these models better for your family or even your family’s business. This “Commercial Rating” is proudly stated on the handles of our chest freezers as well as on the serial plate.
Tropical Climate Class
RoHS Compliant
Interior Light
Removable Storage Baskets:
– For easy access, store smaller items in our removable freezer baskets.
Lock With Pop-Out Key
Power-On Light:
– Works to protect your food investment. The “Power-On” light glows continually as long as there is power. It warns you that the freezer is not working.
Frost Indicator Button:
– A blue button is located on the interior back wall of the freezer. You know it is time to defrost your freezer when you can no longer see the blue button because of frost build-up

Product Details:

Voltage 220-240
Hertz 50/60
White color

Height (cm) 88.9
Width (cm) 186.1
Depth (cm) 74.9
Liter Capacity 708
Climate Class T
Commercial Rating
3 Lift Out Baskets
Weight: 238 lbs/ 108 kg

Model: MFC25V7GW

Size/Power: 73" W

Capacity: 25 cubic feet

Voltage: 220 volts 50/60Hz